26.5 Million Nigerians at Risk of Acute Food Crisis – Report

A Cadre Harmonise report for October 2023 warns that approximately 26.5 million Nigerians across 26 states and Abuja may face an acute food crisis. This report, presented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in collaboration with the World Food Programme and other agencies, highlights several key drivers of the projected food crisis, including the removal of petrol subsidies, the naira re-design policy, floods, conflict, and insecurity.
The report indicates that these factors may lead to a food crisis between June and August 2024.
The increase in staple food prices, rising fuel costs, inflation, and reduced household food stocks are contributing to the severity of the situation.
The report also highlights the impact of flash floods on mature crops and limited production activities in some states. Malnutrition is also a concern, with many regions experiencing a crisis to a worse nutrition situation.

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