Dangote Refinery Set To End Nigeria’s Petrol Importation In June

Nigeria will finally end its reliance on imported petrol in June, thanks to the upcoming production at the Dangote Refinery.

According to the refinery’s promoter, Aliko Dangote, the facility will meet not only Nigeria’s domestic demand for petrol but also that of other West African nations.

Speaking at the Africa CEO Forum Annual Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, Dangote revealed that the refinery will produce enough gasoline to supply the entire West African region, with excess capacity to export to Brazil and Mexico.

Additionally, the refinery will produce diesel, aviation fuel, and other petrochemical products, making Africa self-sufficient in these areas.

Dangote emphasized that the refinery’s production capacity includes 650,000 barrels per day, one million tonnes of polypropylene, and 590,000 carbon black, among others.

The second phase of the refinery is set to commence in 2025, further solidifying Nigeria’s position as a petroleum products hub.

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