Anglican Primate Urges Urgent Action on Hunger Crisis, Calls for National Dialogue

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, has issued a heartfelt plea to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urging immediate action to address the prevalent hunger and economic distress affecting Nigerians.

In a communiqué following the Church’s Standing Committee meeting in Abuja, Primate Ndukuba, alongside key church figures, emphasized the critical state of national affairs, highlighting concerns such as corruption, judicial issues, economic challenges, and security threats.

Among the urgent issues raised was the alarming increase in food prices and the pervasive hunger across the nation. The Church called upon the government to rethink its reliance on external borrowing, prioritize fiscal policies, and diversify the economy to harness natural resources effectively.

Additionally, the Church condemned the ongoing attacks in several states and urged the government to fulfill its duty of protecting citizens and their property, particularly through effective community policing.

Primate Ndukuba, in a dialogue with journalists, addressed various pressing matters, including religious organizations’ alleged involvement in terrorism. He advocated for the independence of the EFCC in holding religious bodies accountable and emphasized the importance of avoiding blanket judgments against religious groups.

Regarding the potential Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) strike, the Primate urged dialogue over conflict and suggested governmental measures to address national needs, including a possible cabinet reshuffle.

Furthermore, Primate Ndukuba dismissed the notion of relocating the capital from Abuja to Lagos, proposing instead the development of new cities across geopolitical zones to alleviate congestion and promote balanced growth.

He underscored the importance of strategic, long-term planning for Nigeria’s sustainability and growth, urging investment in agriculture and equitable distribution of national wealth.

In conclusion, Primate Ndukuba stressed the significance of upholding the rule of law to safeguard society and called for unity and unwavering commitment from all sectors of society to forge a path toward a prosperous and equitable Nigeria.

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