Chief Justice Ariwoola to New Judges: “Serve the People, Not Yourselves”

In an address at the inauguration of 22 Court of Appeal justices and 12 FCT High Court judges in Abuja, Chief Justice of Nigeria Olukayode Ariwoola emphasized the importance of public service.

Ariwoola urged the newly appointed judges to prioritize the needs of the people, stating, “We are here to serve the people, not serve ourselves.”

He stressed the critical role of the judiciary in maintaining public trust and safety through fair and unbiased judgments.

The Chief Justice highlighted the unprecedented scale of the appointments, noting it was the largest since 2012, reflecting the increasing demands on the judicial system.

Ariwoola pointed to a surge in litigation, attributing it to rising crime rates and political disputes. He cautioned the new judges about the challenges ahead, warning of “strange things” they might encounter in their roles.

The CJN’s remarks underscored the judiciary’s crucial role in addressing Nigeria’s evolving legal landscape and the importance of integrity in the face of mounting pressures.

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