Chinese National Sentenced to Death for Killing Nigerian Girlfriend

A Kano High Court has delivered a verdict of death by hanging for a Chinese national, Frank Geng-Quangrong, convicted of fatally stabbing his Nigerian girlfriend, Ummukulsum Sani.

The court found him guilty of culpable homicide, dismissing claims of self-defense.

Frank’s sentencing follows a tragic incident where he fatally wounded Ummukulsum at her residence in Janbulo Quarters Kano.

Despite pleading not guilty, the prosecution successfully presented evidence, leading to his conviction.

The judge’s decision to recommend mercy from the Kano State Governor highlights the complexities of the case.


This ruling signifies a pursuit of justice for the victim and her family, emphasizing the importance of accountability in cases of violence.


It also underscores the legal system’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting citizens’ rights, irrespective of nationality.

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