FCT Pilgrims Reject £400 BTA in Makkah, Demand Full Payment

FCT pilgrims, led by Sheikh Nuru Khalid, rejected a £400 BTA at a late-night meeting with the FCT Pilgrims Welfare Board in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Initially promised a BTA of £500 before leaving Abuja, the pilgrims had received £200 upfront with a promise of £300 upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

However, the board representatives announced at MAWASIM ALKHAIR INTERNATIONAL HOTEL in Makkah that only £200 would be paid instead of the remaining £300.

The news did not sit well with the pilgrims, who vocally rejected the offer, chanting “No, No, No.” They have threatened to protest if the issue is not resolved, raising concerns that some may begin to beg for food if the full payment is not made. Another meeting is expected tomorrow to seek a solution.

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