Federal Government Cracks Down on Abandoned Projects

In a bold move, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Ahmed Dangiwa has declared zero tolerance for abandoned projects across the nation. During a recent site visit, he warned that unserious developers and contractors will be replaced, emphasizing the need to recoup government investments.

The inspected projects include a 1,250-unit estate in Jibi, FCT, and a 24-unit condominium in FCT, both initiated in 2019.

Dangiwa urges developers to clear project sites and invites those with abandoned projects to discuss reasons for non-completion.

The minister highlights President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to affordable housing and outlines plans for groundbreaking on six megacities and Renewed Hope estates.

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria is praised for funding housing projects, with solutions offered for developers facing material price challenges.

Managing Director Madu Hamman announces the Brains and Hammers Estate’s first phase readiness for off-take by December, showcasing progress in the government’s housing development initiatives.

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