Labour Unions Issue 14-Day Strike Ultimatum to Federal Government

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have jointly issued a 14-day strike notice to the Federal Government, citing non-implementation of a crucial agreement reached last October. The agreement aimed to address the socio-economic fallout from the hike in petrol prices and currency devaluation.

In a stern ultimatum effective from February 9, the labour unions demand the government’s compliance with the agreement within the stipulated timeframe. Despite efforts to maintain peace, the unions express disappointment over the government’s neglect of citizens’ welfare, leading to increased suffering and hardship nationwide.

The NLC and TUC emphasize the urgency of the situation and underscore the need to protect the rights and dignity of Nigerian workers. While regretting the necessity of resorting to strike action, the unions stress the imperative of addressing pressing issues affecting the populace.

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