Opposition Lawmakers Urge FG to Avoid Destabilizing Kano

The Coalition of Opposition Federal Lawmakers, under the G-60 platform, has called on the Federal Government to refrain from interfering in the reinstatement of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II in Kano. The coalition includes members from the PDP, LP, NNPP, and other parties.

In a statement issued after a closed-door meeting, the G-60 emphasized that chieftaincy matters in Kano are under state jurisdiction and urged the Federal Government to avoid actions that could destabilize the North-western state.

The lawmakers expressed strong support for the Kano State government’s decision to reinstate Emir Sanusi II, describing his previous removal and banishment as an attack on the traditional institution. They urged the Federal Government to respect state authority and allow Emir Sanusi to reign peacefully.

The statement, signed by Hon. Obi Aguocha (LP) and Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere (PDP), read: “We resolve that the Federal Government should not destabilize Kano State and should allow Emir Sanusi to reign peacefully. Chieftaincy affairs are under the state’s constitutional authority.”

The coalition also addressed allegations of federal security involvement in the return of Emir Bayero to the palace, expressing concern but accepting denials from security agencies.

“We cannot fold our hands and allow the traditional institution, which is a repository of our cultural heritage, to be trampled upon using federal machinery funded by taxpayers’ money,” the statement concluded.

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