Labour Party Reaffirms Peter Obi as 2027 Presidential Candidate

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The Labour Party has strongly reaffirmed its support for Peter Obi as its presidential candidate for the 2027 election, dismissing rumors of a potential replacement. In a joint statement issued by key party officials, including Marcel Ngogbehei, Director General of the Directorate on Mobilization and Integration, the party emphasized its unity and cohesion behind Obi’s candidacy.

The statement acknowledged ongoing efforts to reconcile aggrieved groups within the party but stressed that no agreement had been reached to replace Obi. The party leadership recognizes the importance of internal stability and is working towards improving Obi’s chances in the upcoming 2027 elections.

“H.E. Peter Obi remains our presidential candidate for 2027 as ratified, and all the party leadership are behind him and committed to his message of a New Nigeria,” the statement declared. The Labour Party’s clarification puts to rest speculations about Obi’s candidacy and reaffirms its faith in his leadership and vision for Nigeria.

The party also highlighted its commitment to peaceful coexistence among members and its focus on the larger goal of liberating Nigeria from what it termed “the shackles of greedy politicians.” With this strong show of support, the Labour Party aims to present a united front as it prepares for the 2027 presidential race.

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