Reps Committee Halts Ceding of Adamawa Territory to Cameroon

The House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee on International Boundary Dispute has called for the immediate halt of the demarcation exercise that would cede the Sina Area in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State to the Republic of Cameroon. The committee, led by Hon.
Beni Lar, issued this directive during a hearing on ongoing boundary disputes along the Nigeria-Cameroon border, stretching from the Lake Chad region to Cross River estuaries. The committee also aimed to assess the role of military and security agencies in safeguarding Nigeria’s borders.

Lar emphasized the importance of considering the rights of the affected communities and ensuring that their disputes are resolved before any demarcation exercise proceeds. She announced plans for the committee to conduct a fact-finding mission and present a comprehensive report following its visit to Adamawa.

The Director General of the National Boundary Commission, Adamu Adaji, explained that the demarcation exercise was carried out based on a ruling by the International Court of Justice, which upheld treaties and agreements between colonial masters. The exercise has involved the placement of 2,214 pillars along the Nigeria-Cameroon boundary. Adamu Kamale, a representative of the Sina Area, argued that the disputed area is Nigerian territory, and the watershed should be used as the border line based on the court’s ruling.

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