Senator Proposes New State Creation from Kano

A bill seeking to create Tiga State from the current Kano State is set for presentation in the Senate. Sponsored by Senator Kawu Sumaiman AbdulRahman of Kano South, the “Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alteration) (Creation of Tiga State) Bill, 2024” aims to reshape Nigeria’s political landscape.

Kano State, with its 44 local government areas and significant voting population, is a key player in Nigerian politics. The proposed bill, initially scheduled for first reading on Wednesday, was postponed due to the Senate’s adjournment in honour of a deceased House of Representatives member.

The creation of Tiga State would add to the already highest number of states in the North West geopolitical zone, potentially stirring debates about regional balance and resource allocation.

This development marks a significant moment in Nigeria’s ongoing discussions about state creation and political restructuring.

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