UNESCO Urges Increased Access to Education and Health Services for the Girl-Child

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has called for enhanced access to education and health services for the welfare of the girl-child and vulnerable groups.
During the 2023 International Day of the Girl-Child celebration in Abuja, Mr. Philippe Delanghe, Officer in Charge in the Abuja Regional Head of Office for UNESCO, emphasized the importance of this issue.
The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed progress made in girls’ education, increased inequalities, and exposed them to exploitation and abuse.
In Nigeria, girls have fewer educational opportunities and face health risks due to early and frequent childbearing, HIV, early and unintended pregnancies, gender-based violence (GBV), and harmful traditional practices.
Despite policies aimed at improving access to health and education, a significant number of children, particularly girls, remain out of school.
UNESCO’s “Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future (03 programs)” provide support to ensure that policies positively impact children’s well-being.
The organization is opening conversations with role model men who support girls and are committed to investing in their agency, leadership, and potential. The event featured panel discussions on improving access to education for the girl-child and enabling her to explore her potential.

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