Wike Vows to Crack Down on Illegal Land Transactions in Abuja

Nyesom Wike, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, has issued a stern warning to those involved in illegal land transactions in Abuja.
He pledged to take strong legal action against such activities, terming them “unacceptable.”

Speaking at the inauguration of FCTA Mandate Secretaries, who hold equivalent positions to commissioners in states, Wike expressed his displeasure with the recent award of an $800 million garnishee order that was later set aside by the Court of Appeal.

He accused the FCTA’s legal department of being complicit in this matter and emphasized that transparency and accountability would be fundamental under his administration. Wike also urged the newly appointed secretaries to address the FCTA’s procurement processes and focus on efficiency, transparency, and accountability.
He emphasized their collective responsibility in transforming and renewing the FCT, turning it into a world-class city.

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