NBC Takes Steps to Regulate Social Media, Submits Bill to National Assembly

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Nigeria is taking steps to regulate social media by submitting a bill to the National Assembly. The bill aims to repeal and reenact the NBC Act, with provisions for social media regulation.
According to the NBC’s Director-General, Balarabe Ilelah, social media is a significant problem, and the current law doesn’t grant the NBC the authority to control it. He explained that they had submitted a bill to amend the act, which has been read for the first time in the National Assembly.
The bill also covers aspects like the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting and the efficient management of the spectrum. Despite this, the NBC prefers negotiation and understanding over sanctions with broadcasters.
The Information Minister, Mohammed Idris, stressed the importance of collaboration with the media to avoid a punitive image for the commission.

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