NFF President Summoned by House of Representatives Over Unpaid Allowances to Super Falcons

The president of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), Ibrahim Musa Gusau, has been summoned by a House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee to appear before it regarding the dispute between the NFF and the Super Falcons over unpaid allowances.
The committee’s chairperson, Hon Blessing Onuh, expressed dissatisfaction with Gusau’s failure to respond to previous invitations and insisted that he must appear in person for the investigation.
The NFF secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi, had claimed that Gusau couldn’t attend the hearing due to ill-health, but the committee refused to hear from other NFF representatives and maintained that Gusau must appear before them.
The issue of unpaid allowances to the Super Falcons has garnered significant attention in Nigeria.

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